At one point this blog was 99% Disney, but tumblr decided to delete my other blogs. So now this will be a mixture of things! Disney, P!ATD, OUAT, Shameless, Orphan Black, Merlin, My Mad Fat Diary and the Vampire Diaries have my heart... at least for the most part.
In your imagination.
Emeke | 21 | California
Former Disney Store CM
Current Disneyland CP

I am Kronk in Tayler, Alexa, & Boo's family
I am Darla Dimple in Laurel's family

Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?” But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.

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Today we celebrate 91 years of Disney. Happy birthday, Walt Disney Company, and thanks so much for everything!

Disney + Little Golden Books

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I’ll… I’ll go up to her and I’ll say, “You’re the most gorgeous… the most beautiful… never seen anyone, anywhere…” I’ll say…


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