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  Anonymous said:
you work at the world of disney oh my god i'm so jealous.

yup! I love that store so much. I want to buy almost everything in it

disneyyandmore replied to your post: The other day at work

I didn’t start a store :P

i thought of you when i started to type that lol. You should create one. Get Disney’s permission haha

The other day at work
Guest: Do you have any of the minions here?
Me: From Despicable Me?
Guest: *nods*
Me: No, sorry. It's actually not Disney. It's Universal.
Guest: ooh.
Me: Yeah, they have a ride for them and everything at Universal Studios.
Guest: Do they have a store for them?
Me: Oh I'm not sure. I've never been to Universal Studios, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
Guest: Alright. ....So you won't have any of the characters here then?
Me: Noo sorry....


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